What are Casino Second Deposit Bonuses?  

A second deposit bonus is self-explanatory. It is a bonus given on the second deposit that a player makes at a casino. Usually it will not be quite as big as a first deposit bonus, but it does give you the chance to add extra funds to your account. For example, while a first deposit bonus may be 100% up to €250, a second deposit bonus could be 80% up to €100. 

With the above example, if you were to deposit €125 in your account, then you would receive an €100 bonus. Of course, you do not need to deposit the full €125; you will receive an 80% bonus on whatever amount you choose to deposit. For instance, if you were to deposit €50, then you would receive a €40 bonus.  

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Second Deposit Bonuses Explained 

Casinos offer a second deposit bonus to give players another reason to return to them. As such, it is a win-win situation. The casino gains a returning player and the player gains extra funds to play with. Today there are many casinos with a fantastic collection of games, but not all of them will offer second deposit bonuses. Therefore, it is something that is definitely worth looking out for when deciding upon which casinos to play at.  

A second deposit bonus is a great way to boost your bankroll, but there are terms and conditions attached. These can look horribly confusing at first, and there is no denying that reading them is a dull task. However, it is essential that you properly understand them. You should never accept a bonus if you do not understand the terms and conditions as if you fail to follow them, then the casino may confiscate the bonus and even block your account. Luckily, second deposit bonus terms and conditions are very easy to understand and here you will find all the information you need.  

Second Deposit Bonus Terms and Conditions Explained  

Wagering Requirements 

All casino bonuses come with wagering requirements, whether it is a free spins bonus, a deposit bonus or anything else. Wagering requirements are used to ensure that a player cannot simply accept the bonus money and then withdraw it straightaway. If this were possible, then casinos would be giving away vast amounts of money.  

A wagering requirement, sometimes known as a play through requirement, is simply how many times a player must wager the bonus money before they are able to withdraw it or any winnings that result from it. The wagering requirement will apply either to the deposit plus bonus amount or just to the bonus amount.  

Using the above example of a bonus of 80% up to €100, if it had 30x wagering requirements and a player claimed €100 bonus money, then they would need to wager a total of €3000 before making a withdrawal.  

When expressed this way, it sounds as if you need to bet a huge amount of money to receive a relatively small bonus, which would be very expensive. However, this is not quite true. Within certain limitations, which are explained below, you can use winnings that result from the bonus money to fulfil the wagering requirements. This means that you should be able to meet them without having to deposit and bet vast sums.  

Game Contributions 

When you are considering how you will fulfil a second deposit bonus wagering requirements, you will need to take into account game contributions. These are found in every bonuses’ terms and conditions and are very important. You will normally see that slots contribute 100%, which means that all the money you bet on slots goes towards fulfilling the wagering requirements. However, you may see that certain games are excluded, such as progressive jackpot slots. 

When it comes to other types of games, the contribution can be far less. In the case of games such as blackjack or video poker, where the player is able to reduce the house edge through strategy and skill, the contribution may be as low as 10% or even nothing. Therefore, if you have accepted a bonus and you plan to play blackjack, you need to calculate how much you will have to bet to meet the wagering requirements.  

You may also find that you are not allowed to play some games with bonus money. Normally the casino will prevent you from doing so, but they may also warn in the terms and conditions that playing ineligible games with bonus money may result in the money being confiscated.  

Winnings Caps and Time Limits 

There are further restrictions on how you can use the bonus money. Casinos do not want players to bet big with bonus money, win large amounts, and then fulfil the wagering requirements without having to deposit any more money. To that end, they will usually impose a cap on how much can be won from bonus money. Furthermore, there will normally be a time limit on how long you can take to fulfil the wagering requirements. You need to be aware of both of these before accepting a bonus so that you can calculate how you will meet the requirements.  

Bonus Abuse 

There will usually be a section in a bonus’ terms and conditions about bonus abuse. As long as you are not trying to cheat the casino, then this is something you don’t have to worry too much about. A common example would be creating multiple accounts in order to claim the bonus multiple times. Essentially, if you adhere to the stipulations in the terms and conditions about what games you can play and how much you can bet, then you are unlikely to be accused of bonus abuse.  

How to Spot a Good Second Deposit Bonus 

There are some general rules about what makes a second deposit bonus good, such as if it has low wagering requirements. However, it is something that is actually quite individual. You need to check if the bonus applies to the games that you want to play. More importantly, you need to calculate how much you will need to bet to fulfil the wagering requirements and whether it is something you think you can do given the various game contributions, betting limits and so on. Remember, it is always better to accept a smaller bonus with manageable wagering requirements than a big bonus or no bonus at all.  

How to Claim a Second Deposit Bonus  

The way in which you can claim your second deposit bonus will vary slightly from casino to casino. However, there are two common methods. Some casinos will offer it to you automatically when you make your second deposit, and you simply have to confirm that you are accepting it. At other casinos, you may be provided with a bonus code, usually via an email, and you then need to enter this in the cashier when making your deposit. If you have any difficulties then you should contact the casino customer support and they are sure to help. Once the bonus money is in your account, you can use it to start playing straightaway.  

To Conclude 

Second deposit bonuses can be excellent things. They will give your bankroll an additional boost after the first deposit bonus, and allow you to keep exploring new games at the casino or playing your favourites. While it is true that the terms and conditions can seem confusing, at most online casinos, and especially the ones that we recommend, they are entirely fair, so you should not find them off-putting. If your casino offers you a second deposit bonus, then you should now have the knowledge to take full advantage of it.  

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Frequently Asked Questions
Is there a different between match, reload, and second deposit bonuses?

Not really. A second deposit bonus will of course only be available on your second deposit at a casino, but they work in exactly the same way as match bonuses and reload bonuses.

Can I win real money using a second deposit bonus?

Absolutely. When you play casino games with your bonus money you will be winning real money, which you can then withdraw from your account after meeting any wagering requirements.

Do all casinos offer second deposit bonuses?

Not all, but most do. However, you should be aware that it may be offered under a different name, or not explicitly mentioned. For instance, it may be part of a broader welcome package, or the casino may simply advertise it as a reload bonus or something similar.



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