What are Online Casino Bonus Codes?  

A bonus code is a way of unlocking bonuses at online casinos. Players enter the code in the cashier and their account will then be credited with the bonus, whatever it may be. For example, if a bonus code is offering a 100% deposit bonus of up to €250, the code may be something like ‘DEPOSIT250’, or if it is offering 20 free spins it may be ‘20FREESPINS’. 

The codes are provided by the casinos and can usually be found on the promotions page. You can also find a number of them here, so be sure to keep a careful eye out for them. 

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Bonus Codes Explained 

While all bonus codes work in the same way, they can unlock many different types of bonuses. The most common three are no deposit bonuses, regular deposit bonuses, and free spins bonuses. Some codes can only be used by new players making their first deposit, while others can be used by all members of the casino at any time. 

Many of the bonuses offered through the codes will be excellent value and are definitely worth claiming. However, each bonus will come with terms and conditions attached, and it is very important that you are aware of these before accepting it. Whether you use a free spins bonus code, a deposit bonus code, or anything else, the terms and conditions will be very similar, and on this page, you will find all the information you need to decipher them.  

Bonus Codes Terms and Conditions Explained  

Wagering Requirements 

Every type of casino bonus comes with wagering requirements, sometimes called play through requirements. The casinos implement them to prevent players from claiming a bonus and then immediately withdrawing the money. If this were possible, then casinos would effectively be giving away free money.  

The wagering requirements state how many times a player needs to bet the bonus money before they can make a withdrawal. In the case of free spins, the wagering requirements will relate to how many times a player has to bet the winnings from the free spins before making a withdrawal.  

Take the example of a bonus code that offers a 100% deposit bonus of up to €50 and has 20x wagering requirements. If the player then deposits €50, they will receive a €50 bonus and then have to wager that €50 twenty times before making a withdrawal, which totals €1000. You should also be aware that in some cases, the wagering requirements might apply to the bonus plus deposit amount, so be on the lookout for this.  

If a bonus code offers 20 free spins with 10x wagering requirements, then it means that the winnings from the free spins have to be bet ten times over before a withdrawal is possible.  

In both instances, it may sound as if you have to bet a large amount at the casino before you can withdraw your winnings, especially if you have accepted a large bonus or won big from a free spin. While there are usually some restrictions in place, you can use your winnings from the bonus to help meet wagering requirements, which is important to remember as it makes meeting them far easier.  

Game Contributions 

In a bonus’ terms and conditions, you will find a section about game contributions to wagering requirements. It is common to find that slots contribute 100% while games such as blackjack or video poker contribute in the region of 10%. In other words, if you are playing slots then all the money you bet goes to the wagering requirements, but if you are playing video poker then just €0.10 of every €1 you bet goes to the wagering requirements.  

While this may be frustrating for those who enjoy card and table games, the reason behind it is quite logical. Slots are purely games of chance while games such as blackjack and video poker have an element of skill and strategy. This means that players can reduce the house edge and win more consistently.  

Very often, you will find that certain games do not contribute to wagering requirements at all and you may even find that certain bet types are also excluded, such as even money bets in roulette. You need to be aware of this when calculating how you will meet the wagering requirements. 

On a related note, you may find that you cannot play certain games with bonus money, and you need to be aware of this as doing so may result in the bonus being confiscated.  

Winnings Caps and Time Limits 

Whether your bonus code led to a free spins bonus, a deposit bonus or anything else, you will often find a limit on winnings from bonus money/free spins. Casinos do this to ensure that players cannot fulfil the wagering requirements using winnings alone. You may also find that there is a timeframe within which the wagering requirements must be met, and it is important to be aware of this before accepting a bonus.  

Bonus Abuse 

You will normally find a clause in the bonus terms and conditions relating to bonus abuse. Unfortunately, it is not always explained very well. There are different forms of bonus abuse, such as opening multiple accounts to claim multiple bonuses, or playing very large bets with bonus money to try to hit big wins. To combat this, casinos put various restrictions in place, such as a limit on how much can be won from bonus money or how large a bet can be placed using bonus money. If the casino suspects a player of bonus abuse then they will normally confiscate the bonus money and any resultant winnings, and possibly even block the account. While bonus abuse is not always well explained, if you carefully follow the limitations set out in the terms and conditions, particularly in regards to bet size and what games you are playing, then it should not be an issue.  

How to Spot a Good Bonus Code 

There are many bonus codes around and knowing which are worth using can seem complicated. The first thing is to check if the code is offering something appealing. There is no point using a free spins bonus code if you want to play baccarat. 

Once you have found a bonus code, you really need to delve into all the aspects of the terms and conditions described above. A bonus code is good value if it has conditions that you can comfortably meet. In particular, you should focus on three things. Firstly, that the bonus code allows you to play the games that you want. Secondly, that the wagering requirements comes to an amount of money that you think you can realistically bet. Finally, that there is enough time given for you to meet the wagering requirements. 

If the bonus code satisfies all three of those criteria, then is probably an excellent deal and one that you should take full advantage of.  

How to Claim a Bonus Code 

Using a bonus code at a casino is very easy. After finding the code, be it here, on the casino promotions page, or anywhere else, simply head to the casino’s cashier. There you will find a field where you can enter the bonus code and claim the bonus. That’s all there is to it.  

To Conclude 

It is always worth looking out for casino bonus codes, even for casinos where you are already a member. Very often, they offer excellent deals, whether you are looking for free spins, deposit bonuses, or anything else. Just check the terms and conditions carefully, and then enjoy taking full advantage of the bonus.  

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Frequently Asked Questions
Can I use bonus codes at any online casino?

No. Bonus codes are tied to the casino that issues them. Furthermore, not all casinos will make use of the bonus code system. However, many do and here you can find a large number of them to take advantage of.

Are bonus codes only for new players?

It depends on the code. Some bonus codes will offer bonuses for new members, such as a no deposit bonus, while others can be used by all members. You will find information about this in the bonus codes’ terms and conditions.

Do all bonus codes offer deposit bonuses?

Not at all. You will find many different types of bonuses linked to bonus codes. In addition to deposit bonuses, they can unlock free spins, cashback offers, and far more. Casinos are often very creative with their promotions, so you never know what you may find.



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