What are High Roller Bonuses?  

As explained, a high roller bonus is a bonus tailored for those with the biggest budgets. For example, you may see a high roller offer such as 100% up to €2000, which means that the casino will match your deposit up to €2000. If you were to deposit the full €2000, then you would have €4000 to play with. However, not everyone can take advantage of these, as there will normally be a minimum deposit requirement to qualify, e.g. €1,000.  

The bonuses are not complicated, but they are a great way to extend your bankroll and have even more fun placing bets on your favourite games. If you consider yourself a high roller, then they are definitely something that you should be looking for.

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High Roller Bonuses Explained 

It is no secret that casinos love high rollers. Those who bet the most not only have the chance of winning the biggest payouts, but are also at risk of making the biggest losses, which is how casinos make their money. As such, casinos have plenty of incentive to offer high roller bonuses. However, it is not all about the casino making money; high roller bonuses can also be extremely beneficial to players.  

In addition to the size of the bonuses available, there is one other area where high roller bonuses often distinguish themselves. Many casino bonuses are restricted to slots. However, high rollers have a tradition of playing games such as blackjack or baccarat, and to that end, the bonuses are often tailored to these games. This does not mean that slots are excluded, just that the bonuses have more flexibility build into them.  

As with all casino bonuses, high roller bonuses have terms and conditions attached. More often than not, these are completely fair, but it is vital that you take the time to understand them before accepting a bonus. Here you can find all the information you need to ensure that you are equipped to understand all types of high roller bonus terms and conditions properly.  

High Roller Bonuses Terms and Conditions Explained  

Wagering Requirements 

The most basic condition attached to any casino bonus are wagering requirements. These are imposed to ensure that players do not simply make a deposit, claim the bonus money, and then withdraw it all and disappear. Wagering requirements set out how much a player must bet in order to withdraw funds from their accounts after accepting a bonus.  

There are two possible forms of wagering requirements. They may be applied to only the bonus money or the bonus money together with the amount deposited. In both cases, they will be expressed as a multiple, such as 25x. For example, if there is a high roller bonus of 200% up to €2000 that comes with 25x wagering requirements on the bonus amount, then a player who deposits €1000 will have €3000 in their account and must then wager €50,000 before they can withdraw their winnings.  

This may sound vastly out of proportion to the bonus money. However, it is important to remember that it is possible to use winnings in order to meet the wagering requirements. For instance, if you were to place a bet of €500 and win €1000 from it, then you can use that €1000 to work towards the wagering requirements. There are additional terms and conditions in place to ensure that you cannot meet wagering requirements solely from winnings, but they can certainly go a long way towards it.  

Game Contributions 

The concept of wagering requirements is very simple. However, it is normally complicated somewhat by the introduction of game contributions. Put simply, not all games contribute equally to fulfilling wagering requirements. It is usual for slots to contribute 100%, which means that everything you bet on slots will go towards fulfilling the requirements. However, games that have strategies or involve some skill, such as blackjack or video poker, will often contribute less, sometimes as little as 10%. In that instance, for every €100 you bet on blackjack, only €10 goes towards the wagering requirements. 

The game contributions can become even more specific. At some casinos, you may find that certain bets do not contribute at all or contribute less. A common example of this are even money bets on roulette, such as red, black, odd or even. Therefore, you should make sure to look up the game contributions in the high roller bonus’ terms and conditions to ensure that you are only playing eligible games and placing eligible bets. Failure to do so could result in your bonus money and the resultant winnings being taken away.  

Winnings Caps and Time Limits 

As mentioned, casinos do not want players to fulfil wagering requirements solely from winnings. A common way of preventing this is to place a cap on how much can be won from bonus money. For example, winnings may be restricted to 500% of the bonus amount (e.g. if you receive a €1000 bonus, you cannot win more than €5000 from it). There may also be a time restriction on how long you have to use the bonus money and meet the wagering requirement, and you need to be aware of this.  

Bonus Abuse 

Casinos are also determined to prevent players from abusing high roller bonuses. This means that they will run checks to ensure that you are not opening multiple accounts in order to claim the bonus many times over. They will also often place limits on how much you can bet at a time from your bonus winnings, either a percentage of the amount or an actual limit. This way, players cannot simply place very large bets hoping to win big and then quickly meet the wagering requirements. Players who do this may find that their accounts are frozen or that their bonus funds are confiscated.  

How to Spot a Good High Roller Bonus  

There are many excellent high roller bonuses available, but much will depend on how you wish to use the bonus. To begin with, you need to check that the bonus can be used to play the games that interest you. There is no point in accepting a slots bonus if you want to play live dealer games. Similarly, you need to check that all the wagering requirements and their associated conditions are reasonable for your style of play. If the requirements have to be met within two days but you only want to play for an hour each day, then the bonus is probably not right for you. Just take the time to look through the terms and conditions carefully and you are sure to find the perfect high roller bonus for your needs. 

How to Claim a High Roller Bonus 

Casinos make it very easy to claim high roller bonuses. They will often be offered automatically when you make a deposit, if the amount you are depositing is large enough. At other times, there may be a promotional code that you need to enter when making your deposit.  You can often find these on the casino’s promotions page or in promotional emails.  

The exact process will vary from casino to casino, but it will never be difficult. If you feel that you are owed a high roller bonus and cannot find one, then it is always worth contacting customer support to ask them what is available.  

To Conclude 

High roller bonuses are an excellent way for big spenders at casinos to have even more fun and receive the rewards that they truly deserve. Furthermore, there are often many more perks for high rollers through VIP schemes. As with all casino bonuses, just make sure that you understand the terms and conditions, and you are sure to have a great time playing with high roller bonuses.

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Frequently Asked Questions
How much do I have to deposit to be considered a high roller?

This will vary from casino to casino. At some casinos, it may be in the region of €500 while at others it may be considerably higher. However, if you are depositing more than the average player, then there will usually be some kind of high roller bonus available.

What other benefits can I expect as a high roller?

Casinos will normally offer high rollers a number of promotions, such as cashback, reload bonuses, and attentive customer supports. Some casinos may even invite high rollers to land-based casino events or offer them weekends away.

Is it worth putting in the effort to find extra money to qualify for a high roller bonus?

As with all aspects of gambling, you should only be spending what you can afford. If you can afford the high roller bonus requirements with ease, then enjoy it. If you can’t, then you are sure to find many alternative bonuses suitable for your bankroll.



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