What are Online Casino Match Bonuses?  

A match bonus is a way for casinos to entice players to the site and to help players give their bankrolls a boost so that they have more money to play with. A typical match bonus may be something like 100% up to €100, which means that the casino will give you bonus money equal to the amount that you deposit up to a maximum of €100.  

Most casinos will offer a match bonus for new players, usually called a welcome bonus, and then there may be many more opportunities to claim them in the future. For existing players, the casino will normally refer to them as reload bonuses or deposit bonuses, but they are exactly the same thing.  

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Match Bonuses Explained

As mentioned, a match bonus is a brilliant way for players to keep their casino balances topped up and ensure that they can play for longer. When researching a casino it is always worth looking into the match bonuses to ensure that they are offered. 

At the same time, while it is good to know that a casino offers match bonuses, it is essential that you understand the terms and conditions that come with it. No one enjoys reading terms and conditions, but in the case of bonuses it is essential to do so. If you do not meet the requirements, then the casino may confiscate the bonus money and even block your account. However, while the terms and conditions may appear long and boring, they always consist of the same simple concepts, and here we shall explain them all.  

Match Bonuses Terms and Conditions Explained  

Wagering Requirements 

Every single casino bonus that you come across will come with wagering requirements, also known as play through requirements. They exist for a very simple reason. The casinos do not want players to claim a bonus and then withdraw the money straightaway without having played any games, as this would effectively be giving players free money.  

Therefore, players are required to wager the bonus money a certain number of times before they are able to make a withdrawal. For instance, a match bonus may come with wagering requirements of 30x. This means that if you were to receive a bonus of €100, you must wager it thirty times before making a withdrawal. This means placing €3000 worth of bets.  

Occasionally you may see the wagering requirements applied to the deposit amount plus the match bonus amount. In these cases, the wagering requirements are usually lower, for instance they may be 15x. Therefore, if you were to deposit €100 and receive a bonus of €100, you would still have to bet €3000.  

At first glance, it may sound as if you have to spend a fortune at a casino in order to receive the bonus. The good news is that you do not have to deposit and bet €3000 of your own money, you can use the winnings you make from the initial bonus to meet the wagering requirements. However, there are some restrictions to this, and these are explained below.  

Game Contributions 

After looking at a match bonus’ wagering requirements, you then need to pay attention to the way in which different games contribute to them. You will usually find that games like slots will contribute 100%, so all the money you bet on slots goes towards fulfilling the wagering requirements. However, games where some strategy or skill is involved, such as blackjack, may only contribute 10%, which means that for every €1 bet only €0.10 will go towards the wagering requirements.  

You need to look at the game contributions in the terms and conditions carefully as they are often very specific. In addition to some games not contributing at all, you may also find that some bet types within specific games do not contribute, such as even money bets in roulette.  

Some casinos will go as far as specifying that if you play ineligible games with bonus money then you will forfeit the bonus and any resultant winnings.  

Winnings Caps and Time Limits 

Another aspect to be aware of in regards to wagering requirements is time limits. Casinos will often specify that they have to be fulfilled within a fixed amount of time otherwise, the bonus money and winnings are confiscated. There may also be limits on how much you can win from bonus money. This is in order to prevent players from solely using bonus money to fulfil wagering requirements.  

Bonus Abuse 

Match bonus terms and conditions will likely contain information relating to bonus abuse. The most basic example of this is players who attempt to create multiple accounts in order to claim multiple bonuses. However, this does not really apply to match bonuses as they are sometimes offered with every deposit. A more subtle form of bonus abuse is players who try to place very large bets with bonus money in the hope of hitting big wins, giving them plenty of funds with which to meet the wagering requirements. To counter this, many casinos will place a limit on the size of bet that can be placed with bonus funds. You need to be aware of all of these factors before accepting a bonus so that you can plan how you will meet the wagering requirements within your budget.  

How to Spot a Good Match Bonus 

The first thing to look at with a match bonus is the percentage and cap. A match bonus of 5% up to €10 is hardly worth claiming. However, most match bonuses will be at least 75%. You also need to check that the bonus money can be used for the type of game that you wish to play. Finally, you need to read the terms and conditions keeping in mind all of the factors discussed above to ensure that you will be able to meet the wagering requirements and that you bonus won’t be forfeited.  

How to Claim a Match Bonus 

The exact process of claiming a match bonus will vary slightly from casino to casino, but it will never be difficult. In the case of first deposit match bonuses (welcome offers), the casino will normally offer it to you when you make the deposit.  

If the bonus isn’t offered to you directly, then the casino will probably supply a promotional code. This is also true for match bonuses that are not on the first deposit. You just need to enter this code in the casino cashier when making your deposit and the bonus will be applied. You can then immediately use the bonus money to start playing all of your favourite games. 

To Conclude 

Match bonuses are fantastic for casino players. They are an easy way of making your bankroll a bit bigger, giving you the chance to play for longer. However, it is important to remember that there is no such thing as free money and that bonus terms and conditions cannot be ignored. You will find that the terms and conditions are completely fair at the majority of casinos and this is especially true of any that we recommend. This means that you should be able to claim many match bonuses and enjoy the playing opportunities they provide.  

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Frequently Asked Questions
Should I look for a match bonus with every deposit I make?

There is nothing wrong with accepting match bonuses on all of your deposits as long as you remain aware of the wagering requirements. Make sure that you do not put yourself in a position where you are having to deposit more than you can afford just to meet them. In other words, match bonuses are great, but should be treated with caution.

Can I play every type of game with match bonus money?

Not necessarily. Very often, you will find that certain games cannot be played with match bonus money, which is why it is always important to carefully read the terms and conditions before accepting one.

What size wagering requirements do match bonuses usually have?

This varies greatly depending on the casino and the size of the bonus on offer. It is rare to find wagering requirements of 10x or smaller, while most seem to be in the region of 30x.



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