Rachel Barton

At school, Rachel loved studying maths and took that passion with her to university where she breezed through her degree. Along the way, she became interested in gambling, partially inspired by the story of the MIT blackjack team, and she set about using her own mathematical gifts to see if she could turn a profit. It wasn’t long because Rachel became a true expert at Blackjack strategy and she also developed a keen interest in Roulette betting patterns,

However, while Rachel had little problem getting to grips with the games, along the way she learnt the hard way that not all online casinos are honest and straightforward and that some are far better than others are. Despite it being the early days of internet gambling, Rachel soon found ways to identify the good and the bad, and became keen to share her knowledge with others.

Today, Rachel is still an avid player of Blackjack and she also spends a great deal of time looking for the best places to play. At BetOnCasino, she is happy to use all of her accumulated knowledge to help other players do the same and she also often shares her Blackjack tips for new players.

Of course, gambling isn’t Rachel’s only interest and when away from the computer she can normally be found with her head buried in a detective book or having a drink with some friends. She is also a keen runner and often takes part in local park runs.

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