Peter Robinson

Ever since he was a child, Peter has loved searching for the best possible bargains, deals and opportunities. He has also always been an enthusiastic gambler, especially when it comes to betting on his beloved Manchester United. The combination of these two loves has made Peter into a true expert within the realm of online gambling.

While looking for the best bonuses and promotions for sports bettors, he also became very adept at understanding online casinos’ bonus and promotions. Using his experience and his legal background, Peter found that he had a real talent for spotting bonuses that represented true value for money and identifying those that were ultimately unfair towards the players.

Over the years, Peter has managed to experience the gambling industry from both sides. He progressed from searching for the best deals for himself to helping operators design the best deals to attract new players. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge of the field with other players, to ensure that they are never caught out and have a truly enjoyable gambling experience.

It should come as no surprise that Peter enjoys looking for good deals in all areas, and as such, when not working, you can normally find him scouring the internet for exciting deals. However, he does have plenty of other hobbies, such as fishing and taking his two dogs for long walks. Of course, whenever possible you’ll find him in the home stands at Old Trafford cheering his team.


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