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David Williams brings with him years of relevant experience. He has always been an enthusiastic player of slot machines, both online and offline, and he has spent many years working within the gambling industry in a variety of roles. In particular, he has always been interested in slot machine mechanisms and game mechanics, and he brings a great deal of knowledge of this area.

Professionally, David has worked for some of the biggest companies in the industry. He began his working life producing blog posts and gambling related articles for a number of websites. David then spent a few years working as a researcher, particularly in regards to casino bonuses and player behaviour. Today, he uses all of his experience to write articles about a variety of subjects within the field of online gambling.

Outside of work, David is still a keen gambler. While he is able to spend far more time playing online, he never misses the opportunity to visit a land casino when it arises. David is also a video gamer and it is not unusual to find him participating in online tournaments. However, he doesn’t spend his entire life playing games. David is an enthusiastic mountain biker and also loves playing five-a-side football in the park.

As a writer for BetOnCasino, David is excited to be able to share all of his experience and accumulated knowledge to help educate people about the world of online gambling so that they can have the best possible experience.


3 Articles by David William Wishmonger

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