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Trustly was founded with the aim of making online payments as fast and secure as possible for customers, merchants and banks. Three friends in Stockholm established Trustly in 2008 and initially, it was only available to those who had Swedish bank accounts. The company quickly found success and began to expand, and it opened an office in Malta in 2010, the same year that it processed its 1 millionth transaction.

In 2011, Trustly was awarded ‘Rising Star’ status by Deloitte and it was Sweden’s second-fastest growing technology company. In the same year, Alfvén & Didrikson invested in the company and the Trustly processed its 2 millionth transaction. Trustly began to grow and in 2012, the company opened a third office in Barcelona and it was not long before they hit the 7 million transactions mark. 2014 saw the company form a strategic partnership with PayPal and the next year it expanded into twenty-one new European markets. Furthermore, Fintech City London shortlisted Trustly as one of the 50 European FinTech companies set to revolutionise the financial sector. Around the same time, the company began to process at least 1 million transactions per month.

Trustly has continued to grow ever since. In 2016, the company opened offices in Cologne and London, and it now processes many millions of transactions every month. The company has built a fantastic reputation and has become a favourite online payment method for both online casinos and many other merchants.

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Advantages of Using Trustly

It is clear from Trustly’s success that there are many advantages to using the service for payments at online casinos. As with all payment methods, the chief benefit is security. The company takes its responsibility to protect customers’ money and privacy extremely seriously. It is a licensed payment institution authorised and supervised by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. They hold a European Services Provider (PSP) license in accordance with the Payment Services Directive (PSD, 2007/64/EC).

Those who are concerned about privacy will be pleased to learn that Trustly promises to never store any information that could be used to access an online bank account. Furthermore, the service makes use of the highest encryption standards available on top of banks’ existing security systems. As such, it is an excellent choice for those who want to make direct payments to casinos from their bank but without having to reveal any information.

Another major advantage of Trustly is how widely available it is. The service can be found in roughly 30 European countries and it is able to facilitate payments in a large number of currencies. As such, it is a very flexible service and means that people will not have to worry about paying currency conversion fees. Furthermore, when making a transaction with Trustly you will not be charged any fees and there is no need to create a special Trustly account, saving you both time and money.

All Trustly transactions are instant. This means that you will never have to wait for your funds to arrive before you can start playing at a casino. In the case of withdrawals, your money should arrive as soon as the casino has finished processing the request (which may take a day or two).

Another huge advantage of Trustly is that it can theoretically greatly simplify KYC (Know Your Customer) procedures. Many online casinos require players to verify their identity by submitting a copy of a photo ID and proof of address. However, at some casinos, if you make a deposit with Trustly then this is no longer necessary as Trustly passes on KYC data. This has allowed for the creation of instant play ‘no account’ casinos. Players simply click on Play Now, select a bank, log in, verify and make a deposit. They can then start playing instantly without having to register an account. When withdrawing, the process is exactly the same, saving a great deal of time and effort.

Importantly, all Trustly transactions are completely free, both deposits and withdrawals. This means that if players are charged a fee, it will come from either the casino or their bank. However, overall this makes it a very cheap way to bank at online casinos.

There are a few disadvantages to using Trustly, but this will be the case with all payment methods. The main one is that it is not yet available everywhere. While it is on offer in roughly 30 European countries, this does of course mean that there are countries where it is not available, which will exclude some players. Furthermore, some banks will charge fees for using Trustly; however, players will be made fully aware of any fees when carrying out transactions. Overall, it is an excellent service that will appeal to those concerned about privacy and looking for a convenient solution.

How to Use Trustly at an Online Casino

As mentioned, the founders of Trustly wanted to make online payments as fast and easy as possible. There is little doubt that they have succeeded with this, and the service is very easy to use when making both deposits and withdrawals. The exact steps will vary slightly from casino to casino, but the general principle will be the same.

The first thing to note is that you do not have to create a Trustly account, saving you time and effort. At your chosen casino, simply login to your account and visit the Cashier. Once you are there, choose Trustly as your payment methods and select deposit. You then need to choose your country and bank from the drop down menus. You will be prompted to login to your online banking, which you do with your usual credentials. Simply choose which account you want to transfer funds from, enter the amount, and verify the transaction. The funds will then be transferred immediately.

Withdrawing winnings is an equally simple process. Once again, visit your casino’s cashier and select Trustly as your withdrawal method. Enter how much you wish to withdraw and you will be asked to choose your country and bank. You then need to login to online banking and choose which account you want the funds sent to. Trustly will then verify the transaction and as long as the funds are available in your casino account, they will be sent straightaway. The funds will arrive as soon as the casino has processed the withdrawal request.

Help with Trustly

There are plenty of resources available to you if you need help with Trustly. Firstly, the Trustly website has a huge knowledge base and an extensive FAQ section, both of which contain a great deal of helpful information. If you do not find the information you need, then it is best to contact your bank or the casino directly, and they are sure to do all that they can to help.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Does Trustly charge any transaction fees?

No. Trustly does not charge its customers any fees. Furthermore, it is very rare for online casinos to charge players fees for using Trustly. However, there may be some small fees charged by your bank. If there are, then they will be made clear to you when you go to carry out a transaction using Trustly.

Can I be sure that Trustly is secure?

Absolutely. Trustly is a highly respected FinTech company that holds all the licenses needed to carry out financial transactions. Furthermore, it makes use of the latest technologies to protect customers’ money and privacy. Essentially, it is as secure as any other form of online banking.

Where is Trustly available?

Trustly is available in 29 European countries, and across North America. They work with well over 6000 different banks, so there is an excellent chance that you will be able to use the service. Furthermore, the service supports many different currencies, making it truly easy to use.

Is it better to use Trustly than a bankcard?

It is very much a matter of personal choice. However, the advantage to using Trustly is that you will not need to enter your card details online, which means that there is no chance of them being stolen. Furthermore, some banks may not be willing to process gambling transactions on cards, and Trustly circumnavigates this problem. Of course, if you are in a country where gambling with credit cards is illegal, then Trustly is an excellent solution.

Is Trustly available at many online casinos?

Yes. You will find that a huge number of online casinos offer Trustly as a payment method, including many of those recommended here. If your chosen casino does not offer Trustly then don’t worry as there are many alternative payment methods that are just as good, and it is sure to offer one of them.



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